About David W. Lynch Photography

David W. Lynch began photographing seriously in the late 1980’s, concentrating on landscape and portraiture in his native New England. In 1991 his life was forever changed by a defining one-year stay in Guatemala where he began to document daily life—focusing on laborers—in the largely intact indigenous society there. His emotional and heartfelt connection to the people of Guatemala has led him to a lifelong work in Central America, and has furthered his passion for social documentary focus in other parts of the world.

While continuing his international work, David turned his eye closer to home, and began documenting industrial workers at the Port of Seattle in the late 1990’s, where he found similar dynamics to those at work in the “developing world”: poverty, substance abuse, and disempowerment of the worker as a third class citizen in a society of privilege.

2015 saw the publication of David's first book of photographs, Strangers in the Landscape, featuring two of his conceptual projects: "The Firesuit Series" (2003–2009), an exploration of the human condition through metaphors of isolation and anticipation, and "The Bubble Wrap Dress" (2010–2011), a parallel body of work examining the fragility of femininity in contemporary America.

David has exhibited in Northampton, MA; Seattle, Vashon, and Bellingham, WA; and Los Angeles, CA. He is currently continuing the landfill workers series, as well as new work in Mexico.